Mr. Musu


Mr. Musu is a Portland, OR fusion band offering¬†up an original blend of funk, jazz, and rock grooves ready for the dance floor.¬† While a “musu” is a Calabrese grandmother’s endearing slang for a child’s frown, Mr. Musu is music to melt all frowns away and bring on the celebrations!

Forged in 2015, Mr. Musu ultimately came together via the power of friendship, creating a strong bond that comes out in the music. This group of musicians is comprised of Portland veterans with a diverse palette of influences (The Meters, Led Zeppelin, Sonny Rollins, Zappa, Galactic, Weather Report, Pink Floyd, etc).

The band is currently working on their debut EP to be released in Fall 2018. Progressive and powerful, Mr. Musu delivers a high-energy party!

Mr. Musu Shows


Mr. Musu is:

Billy Carnese – Guitar & Vox
Dan Nelson – Tenor Saxophone
Steve Morgan – Electric Bass
Charles Neal – Drums

Mr. Musu w/ JoyTribe & Soul Progression 2/16/18